I mean, we always new we were pretty iconic – but to be named in the 2021 Auckland Iconic Eats – well, that just puts a smile on our faces on what has otherwise been a pretty hectic year! Again!

Developed by Auckland Unlimited (formerly Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development) to support local food and beverage businesses, this couldn’t come at a better time for those of us announced in the top 100. Being able to be part of an amazing line up of premier eateries to help build Auckland’s reputation as a food and beverage destination, especially after everything we’ve all been through this year, is just an honour.

But what does it actually mean to be a top 100 Iconic Eats? Well, officially, Iconic Auckland Eats celebrates the best dishes that can only be enjoyed in Auckland, as awarded by Aucklanders. Unofficially, it means our food is bloody fabulous!

From food trucks to fine dining and farmers markets, Iconic Eats can be found everywhere across Auckland and on any budget. The list not only celebrates food, but also in-store experiences, people, history, heritage and culture of Auckland. So yeah, that’s us really – pretty awesome all round!

Food loving Aucklanders are invited to submit nominations and stories about dishes they love in Auckland. Nominations are narrowed down by a team of moderators to reach a final list of 100 Iconic Auckland Eats that are well-loved, representative of local culture and people, a ‘timeless classic’ and/or a ‘signature dish’. So to be among these 100 other best of the best nominated eateries, you can imagine, we’re just absolutely thrilled! Thanks www.iconiceats.co.nz

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